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The Relationship between teflon wire quality and sheath thickness

Electric wire is a common product in today’s society. Its main function is to carry power supply and provide power to every field that needs to use electricity. It can be said that it is an indispensable product in people’s life.So the quality of teflon wire is also very attention, because this relates to people’s safety, so what is the relationship between the thickness of the sheath and the quality of teflon wire?



For teflon electric wire quality stand or fall, its first characteristic is to reflect to come out from the exterior quality of the product, no matter be which kind of product, still be semi-finished product, must pay attention to exterior quality in production, carry out strict control to its and check.And the sheath is the appearance of the cable, the cable appearance requirements are smooth and round, uniform gloss, no bias core, no mechanical damage, flattening, etc.If the thickness of the sheath is below the standard requirements, it is considered a nonconforming product, but if the thickness exceeds the standard requirements, it is also nonconforming product.

So what are the consequences of not being qualified?

(1) Reduce service life.

(2) Material performance defects.

(3) There are problems with the cable structure.If the conductor, insulation layer and braiding density are controlled in accordance with the standard requirements and the proper filling material is selected to make them round, then the sheath is not a problem.

(4) Increase the difficulty of cable laying.


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Post time: Nov-02-2020