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What is TPU cable and why select use the TPU cable ?

TPU cable is widely used because of its powerful and excellent functions:
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1, Excellent wear resistance, Taber wear value is 0.5-0.35mg, is plastic, if MoS2, silicone graphite can reduce friction coefficient, improve wear resistance.
2, Tensile strength and elongation: the tensile strength of TPU is 2-3 times that of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The tensile strength of polyester TYPE TPU is nearly 60MPa and the elongation is nearly 410%. The tensile strength of polyether type TPU is 50MPa and the elongation is gt. 30%.


3, Oil resistance, gasoline resistance: TPU oil resistance performance is better than nitrile rubber, with oil resistance life.
4, Low temperature resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance TPU weather resistance is better than natural rubber and other synthetic rubber. Its ozone – and radiation – resistant characteristics have special applications in the aerospace industry.
5. Medical TPU has biocompatibility and anticoagulability, and medical TPU has been applied more and more widely, such as artificial heart, artificial kidney, blood transfusion tube, plasma bag, ureter, fixed material for surgical technology, etc.

Post time: Jun-06-2022