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PUR/TPU/PVC spiral cable coiled cable

Wenchang cable produces and custom various PUR/TPU/PVC spiral cable.

Conductor structure: single or stranded bare soft copper wire (or tinned copper wire) Insulation materials: polyoxyethylene, polyethylene, polyethylene or polythene can be used to meet the requirements of different occasions. Jacket material: Generally use flame retardant polyurethane elastic material PU material Operating temperature: according to customer requirements, cold resistance -65 degrees; Temperature 80 degrees. 105 degrees. 125 degrees Production range: Standard section: 0.12 ~ 4 square meters (special specifications can be produced according to customer requirements). Number of diameter cores: 1 ~ 37 cores (special specifications can be produced according to customer requirements). Spring length: arbitrary.

PURTPUPVC  spiral cable coiled cable

Application: For rated AC voltage 450/750V or DC voltage below 6V-1000V, need to go back and forth. Moving up and down assembly circuit summary wiring, such as telephone, computer, electronic equipment by plug-in and car, trailer, spring connection wire.

Product features: with good flexibility and elasticity (elongation length up to the original spring length 2-3 times). It has good cold resistance, flame resistance, oil resistance and wear resistance. We can produce all kinds of helical spring wire according to different requirements.

1, PVC spiral cable: high economy, low mechanical and chemical resistance. Moderate elastic force. Suitable for light industry, computer and other occasions installation use.

2, PUR spiral cable: very good elastic force. With mechanical and chemical properties, especially cold resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance, wear resistance and tear resistance. Suitable for mechanical manufacturing, power tools and other occasions, in the application of most fields, is the best solution.

3, PUR shield type spiral cable: with chemical properties. Especially resistant to cold, oil, weather, wear and tear. The spiral integral shielding structure can resist various electromagnetic interference, especially suitable for medical treatment, semiconductor, chip and other occasions where small installation space is needed.


Post time: Sep-07-2022