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TUV H05BZ5-F and H05BZ5-F EV charging cable

Electric vehicle charging is becoming common now , most domestic charging devices use AC charging, while public fast charging devices use DC charging. H05BZ5-F cable and H07BZ5-F cable are both electric vehicle AC charging cables, in accordance with the harmonized European standard EN 50620. Dongguan Wenchang have the TUV certificate for the EV charing cable and ship to many countries over the world.

The standard IEC/EN 61851-1 specifies the charging mode for cables. H05BZ5-F cable with lead up to 2.5mm 2 meets the standard for electric vehicle home AC charging devices - classified as Mode 1. The rated voltage of H05Z5-F cable is 300/500V, suitable for single-phase current circuit. The H07BZ5-F cable meets the harmonizing standard and has a cross-sectional area of 35mm2. It is suitable for Mode 2 AC charging devices under 22KW and Mode 3 AC charging devices under 43kW. The H07BZ5-F cable provides three-phase current charging, as the larger size wire has a higher voltage rating of 450/750V. 

EV charing cable

These multi-core cables have rubber-insulated soft copper wires and are laid with 0.5 mm control (CC) and guide (CP) cores with 2 and 1.0mm halogen-free polyurethane jackets for communications. PUR  is a wear-resistant, tear resistant material with good oil and oil resistance. Suitable for better external installation.

Cable Parameter:

-H05BZ5-F & H07BZ5-F cables

-Voltage :H05BZ5-F: 300/500V, H07BZ5-F: 450/750V

-Conductor :Soft stranded copper grade 5

-Insulation :XL-PE

-Filler : Cotton rope

-Outer sheath :PUR (halogen-free polyurethane)

Post time: Sep-24-2022